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SlippedSlipped on Spilled Food in a Grocery Store Aisle – Now What?

November 18, 20230

What does it take to get a fair compensation settlement after a grocery store slip and fall incident? Payam Law is here to answer this question. Slipping and falling in a commercial setting can leave you feeling both physically injured and mentally vulnerable, but now what? Where do you go and who do you turn to? The store will want it all to go away, and you need to know what not to say. Keep reading to find out more.

Phone an Ambulance

If you don’t feel comfortable phoning an ambulance, or you think your injuries are not quite severe enough, think again. Slips and falls are very dangerous and can cause a range of internal complications like TBIs and so on. You have to go and see a doctor to rule out anything serious and ensure you are getting the best, most appropriate level of medical care.

Speak with the Store Manager

Your next step, once you have made sure your needs are taken care of, is to ask for the manager of the store. This is the person who will be able to assess the situation and make an account of the incident for the official record. The manager has a duty of care to note down key details and ensure that you are well looked after when an accident happens on their shift.

Ask for a Copy of the Accident Report

From a legal standpoint, an accident report is an absolute necessity. If you slip into a grocery store, they are probably liable and will therefore need to show that they are acting within the confines of the law to protect their customers. An accident report should be filled out by the store manager but include at least the details of some impartial witnesses to make it fair.

Find Witnesses

If the manager fails to produce witnesses, it will become your job to find them during the moment. Payam Law can help you establish witness information further down the line, but it is always easier to get the names and details at the time of the incident. People will have the accident fresh in their minds and be in the best possible place to give a full account of what happened. Plus, it can be difficult to relocate witnesses after everyone has left the scene because people visit grocery stores from all around the area and beyond.

Don’t Skimp on the Evidence

Evidence is essential in cases like this, and you can do a lot when you fall to ensure that your evidence is useful and credible. Take pictures of your injuries, the scene of the ‘crime’, and any other conditions that are worth noting. Make sure that anyone else you see taking videos of the incident is called upon to submit the evidence in due course.

Ask About the Store Owner

The person who owns the building is typically a separate entity from the store manager. It is good to know who this is, because they are the person who is ultimately in charge of the building maintenance and most of the repairs that happen inside. If you end up slipping and falling in a grocery store aisle, it could be because of something they have failed to do and, therefore, having their details is necessary.

Don’t Make a Common Mistake

There are also things you shouldn’t do if you want to succeed in your insurance claim like failing to stick around to collect vital evidence and admitting any kind of culpability. Whether you are the clumsiest person in the world or have the agility of a ballerina, if a shop is to blame then they should be held responsible. The final mistake that lots of people make after a slip and fall style incident is being too embarrassed to go to the hospital. As mentioned above, this is a crucial part of the process and it is absolutely vital that you go and see a doctor if not for any other reason than to gain some peace of mind that you are actually okay.

Payam Law loves helping clients who have been injured in a slip and fall in the grocery aisle. These cases have a high success rate, and helping victims of these harrowing incidents is what we do best. So, if you have suffered because of someone else’s negligence, do not hesitate to get in touch and learn about your options today.

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