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$5.0M – Uber Accident

Our client was T-boned by a Rideshare vehicle.  Defendants disputed liability and the insurance company claimed a lack of causation for injuries for client who underwent back surgery and extensive rehab. There was no offer prior to litigation. Our firm settled at mediation for $5million.

$3.0M – Auto Accident

Client was working for employees during an auto vs auto accident which caused his vehicle to roll over. We successfully settled the case at mediation for 3 million.

$3.0M – Uber Accident

Our client was involved in a rideshare accident. Our client had extensive loss of earnings related to shoulder surgery. The case was settled on eve of trial.

$2.5M – Bus Accident

Payam Law achieved a $2.5M for a client involved in a bus accident in Los Angeles. Our client was told to settle for a much smaller amount by another firm before Payam took over the case.

$2.2M – Motorcycle Accident

Client was run off the road and side swiped by a truck on the 5 fwy resulting is severe injuries. After several surgeries and completion of treatment we were able to settle clients case for $2.2 million.

$1.1M – Bike Accident

Client was riding his bike when a vehicle, driver staring at his phone, was not paying attention and made a right turn into client throwing him off his bike. We were able to secure a settlement for $1.1 million.

$1.0M – Auto Vs Auto Accident

The plaintiff was rear-ended and then collided against a City pole causing substantial injury.  Our office was able to secure a substantial settlement against 3 defendants which we located through discovery that contributed to the client’s injuries.

$750K – Boat Accident

Our client was with his friends on a boat owned by an acquaintance’s father. The boat was never properly anchored resulting in clients drowning. We secured a $750K settlement for his next of kin.

$750K – Slip & Fall Accident

Our client slipped and fell on light-colored soda at an exclusive national chain store.  The client had injuries ranging from soft tissue neck, back, shoulder, and knee issues in addition to mild TBI as a result of his head striking the floor after the fall. Our client received a settlement of $750,000.

$700K – Truck Vs Auto Accident

Disputed liability and disputed injury case alleging my client caused an accident and was responsible for his injuries.

$637.5K – Rideshare Accident

The plaintiff was involved in a ride-share accident causing substantial non-surgical injuries.  The plaintiff was in a ride-share vehicle that caused an accident whereby the plaintiff and back seat passenger collided causing major head injuries.

$637.5K – Rideshare Accident

Rideshare accident settlement, pedestrian vs driver which resulted in non-surgical injuries and mild TBI injuries.

$250K – Rideshare Accident

Client was a passenger in a rideshare vehicle. She first hired another attorney who sent out a demand for $40K to settle the case. After filing the lawsuit, we successfully settled the case for $250K.





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